Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Event

About This Project

In June 2012, my friends and I were chosen to participate in a promotional “cosplay event” and costume contest for the game Web Koihime Musou by Gamania Games.

We were sponsored by Gamania to recreate costumes of characters from their game for promotion at Anime Expo 2012.

The character I chose to portray was “SoSo” – ┬ácostume was made entirely by scratch by me. Progress photos below. Dress is stretch poly taffeta and stretch matte satin. Handmade gold vinyl bias tape. Resin hair clips. Foam and wonderflex armor.

I also made my character’s scythe, and helped the rest of the girls with their weapons. All weapons are wooden dowels, Sintra, and lots of bondo.

Professional Work