The Dragonborn

About This Project

The Dragonborn, from The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim. Costume made and modeled by me. This costume started my career! This costume has been featured on Kotaku, Geekologie and the front page of Reddit multiple times, as well as many other smaller journalism websites. Too many to list!


This costume is the Banded Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Iron Shield and Ancient Nord Axe from Skyrim. Fabricated out of Wonderflex, leather and vinyl.


I fully completed this costume in February 2012 after having worn it to Anime Los Angeles 2012  in a partially finished state. Photography by Maxwell Song.


The photoset above features Volpin Prop’s gorgeous Ancient Nord Helmet with my armor. I was ecstatic he asked me to model this gorgeous work of art!


Photos shot in Big Bear, CA , photography by Maxwell Song. See Volpin’s build of the helmet on his website here!

Personal Work