Sailor Moon

About This Project

Sailor Moon, made in 2010. Costume made and modeled by me, with HUGE help from my dear friends Vanessa Walton and Indra Rojas. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sailor Moon, so getting to portray her was a dream come true!

The suit is super spandex. The bows and collar are silk charmeuse. The skirt is layers of silk, organza and glitter tulle.

This costume is still a work in progress and I hope to fix some things up on it to rewear someday!

Sailor Pluto made and modeled by Vanessa Walton. Sailor Mars made and modeled by Indra Rojas. Tuxedo Mask made and modeled by Max Song. Queen Beryl made and modeled by Dasha Bolotina.

Photos by Andy Lee.

Cosplay, Personal Work