PlayStation 4 Launch Event Costumes

About This Project

We made these costumes at Quantum Creation FX especially for Sony for their Playstation 4 launch events in San Francisco and New York City on November 14th, 2013!


Quantum produced Wendy and Wilson (Don’t Starve), Knack, Poncho Phantom, Aveline (Assassin’s Creed 4:Black Flag), Dawn (Contrast) costumes, as well as two Octodad costumes, and two Hellghast (Killzone) costumes for these events!


I worked primarily on the Aveline costume from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. My supervisor patterned the whole costume then handed it off to me to put together. Aside from the hat, collar, and belts, I stitched together the rest of the costume. Below are progress photos I took as I was working on it in the shop. Aveline is faux suede and vinyl with real leather details.


I also made the body pods (under structure) for Wendy and Wilson from Don’t Starve. The body pod is what gives them and their clothing the round, toony shape. They were made out of upholstery foam and spandex netting.


I also did repairs on the Sackboy costume which was made by another shop and had been used before.

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